Is your Company Recruiting? Why Using our Flat Fee Recruitment Service Can Save you Cash

To a lot of business owners today, the job of running a business includes a number of diverse and varied tasks, which can include almost each imaginable activity. You will find costs linked with each one of these activities and business owners are continuously trying to maintain cost under control and management. One of the crucial tasks that are involved is hiring new employees. For many reasons, the cost of employing new employees has been increasing for the past few years and one of the ways, which employers could seek redress is through opting to a flat free recruitment service.

Opt to the Best and Leading Flat Fee Recruitment Service

Platform 29 Recruitment is the leading flat fee recruitment service in the country today. We help businesses and companies change their recruitment process to a more cost efficient model. We are here to connect and help firms to candidates through catering transparent fixed cost recruitment services, which enable our clients to select which services are best fit for their business, therefore, assisting them to take control and drive their recruitment process.

Why Choose Platform 29 Recruitment?

Here with Platform 29 Recruitment, we work closely along with our clients to identify their individual needs to effectively meet their recruitment expectations. By doing this, we are able to obtain extensive knowledge, which assists us to promote in the best places varying on your role or industry. The company is proud to tell that we are different from other flat free recruitment services in the market today. You are rest assure you will not find any hidden fees, only easy flat free recruitment solutions.

We got excellent search services

Our search services include social media networks as well as CV databases that allow you to recruit passively and actively seeking candidates who might have sought-after expertise and skills. Through working with [Company Name], you will get the access to more than 20 million candidates. We are able to connect along with these candidates with the help of recruitment strategies and new technologies enabling our clients to search, target, interview and engage only with the best candidates.

Unlike several online recruitment services, we serve more than just a recruitment agency. We will work as your HR partner, servicing a tailored recruitment service, a cost efficient recruitment solution, and most especially a helpful and honest advice.

Save your cash today on your recruitment costs!

Combining many years of experience using the latest technology, we have perfected each of recruitment process so that it is more effective and efficient than ever before, lessening the time it takes to fill a certain position at the same time cutting your costs. Platform 29 Recruitment strive to be the embodiment of recruitment through offering a service, which includes advertising, candidate filtering, processing, getting it done from the beginning that starts with you!