Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have needed to recruit in a hurry? Talk about pressure!

Despite the best planning and intentions, stuff happens and you can sometimes find yourself feeling under the pump to fill a position as quickly as possible.

How do you hire to get the best result, as quickly and as cost effectively as possible?

Here are my top tips for anyone who finds themselves needing to hire in a hurry:

1. Know what you need

There’s no point heading down the recruitment campaign trail if you don’t know what you and your business are really looking for.

Be realistic. Once you’ve figured out exactly what you need – put it in writing – in the format of a written job description.

2. Research – know your market

Many times, when I’ve set out to recruit for a client I’ve had to give them a harsh reality check in terms of salary expectations and candidate availability.

To avoid wasting time, choose an experienced, specialist recruiter to work with. One who knows your industry (as well as their own!) in order to increase the chances of a quick, satisfactory hiring outcome.

3. Be prepared to move fast

Set yourself up to be able to have time to review resumes and availability for block times to interview. In a candidate short market, the best applicants won’t be available for long.

4. Don’t take short cuts

Making the right recruitment decision is all about risk management and having a clear process to follow. Business owners can save lots of time, money and headaches by working with professional recruitment consultants.